I may have said at some point that this was a design firm but really it’s just me here — a one woman show! I’m a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and creative based in Whistler, BC serving the sea to sky corridor and beyond.

With my background in creating stuff and a keen desire to learn all the time, my goal is to make these skills accessible to your business whether you’re an established company or a brand new startup, you deserve to look your best.

I love to collaborate — with businesses, creatives, other designers or photographers. I love talking about design and print and am always keen to learn, in fact I spend hours learning new things all the time so you don’t have to!

If you’d like to work together or have coffee and chat please contact me anytime!

I also really like being outside getting into some dirt or snow with friends. High on that list is also pizza, beer, wine, dogs, and good company.